How to get there

You can access the location “Ferme les Costes” by airplane, train or with your own car.

If you are using a navigation system, please use the following coordinates
N 44.91963°
E 4.48266°

These coordinates take you exactly to the big white stone cross where you have to go off the regular street and take the small steep road to the right of the cross to go down the hill to Ferme les Costes. The cross is on route D241 between Les Nonnières and St Julien Labrousse you will drive through Lamastre and after that follow the signs
P.S. There exists another Nonieres close to Grenoble , so mind the post code 07160


Once you are south of Lyon (direction Marseille), you will have to take the exit to Tain l’Hermitage/Tournon. In Tournon is already indicated the direction Lamastre. In Lamastre you go to Le Cheylard, but after 12 km you arrive in Les Nonières. In this little village you go to the D241 direction St. Julien Labrousse/Chalencon. After 2 km you will arrive at a huge white cross (as seen on the picture). Next to it you see a small road to Les Costes.


The closest airport is Lyon St-Exupéry. From there, we will help you organize car pooling.


The closest station is near Valence. Be careful as there is two distinct station : Valence TGV and Valence Ville. We will do our best to organize car pooling from Valence TGV.

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