Jenny & Dan

Jenny Sowden

Jenny Sowden is an award winning, full-time, international dance instructor based in New York City where she is the managing director of Brooklyn Swings and Jenny has been training in dance for over 25 years and teaching for over 20 years, with a BA in Dance and Theater from San Diego State University. She has studied 34 different styles of movement including Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, West African, Capoeira, Aikido, Tango, Salsa, Lindy hop, Balboa, and Blues. Her background influences her teaching and general style through musicality, variety, expression and an understanding of body mechanics. Jenny believes the dance floor is a ‘World of Yes,’ where by constantly accepting and being inspired by what happens, creates an amazing place to be. We then take classes in a ‘World of Intention’ to expand our ‘World of Yes.’

Dan Repsch

Dan is immersed in the music and the movement. He constantly travels to continue learning, happily sharing his ideas along the way. In his teaching, Dan’s enthusiastic approach brings a focus on innovation, connection, and attention to your partner. Dan is also a veteran DJ, spinning for events across the continent and locally on a weekly basis, and has dabbled in organizing for events and local dances. In the end, Dan is most excited to push his dancing and to see his students break through their boundaries.


JoYsS, by his nickname, Jean-Charles by the name. He is a professional Swing, Contemporary, Jazz and Hip Hop dancer and actor (acting classes at the school of art “la Comète” in Paris). JoYsS’ main focus in Jazz is on the “Authentic Jazz” (solo dances, Blues, Jazz Roots, Charleston), but he also dances and teaches Lindy Hop.
This year, he is on tour with contemporary performances alongside Laura Scozzi, performing on the best stages of Paris (Théatre du Rond Point, on the Champs Elysée Avenue), and also travels around the world. In this piece he dances, acts and sings.
In the last few years he performed in and co-choreographed a show the TAP FATORY, a French multi-artistic show (tap dance, percussions, acting and dance) by produced by UAU, which also travels around the world.
Through teaching and performing in various events, he has become one of the promising new figures in the Swing scene. He won the 1st Prize of the Solo contest at the Paris Jazz Roots Festival 2015.
In his classes, JoYsS’ emphasis is on the improvement of his students’ movements, teaching them how to understand their bodies even better. Working on your own body movement helps you grow as a dancer, as it fosters your coordination, balance and expression, which accordingly help you to improve your musicality and capacity to improvise. These skills are absolutely crucial for the partner dancing as well.
JoYsS is also an artistic director and a music composer. He has his own artistic company (Cie ULTIME) through which he, in 2007, won the awards as choreographer for the best dancing performance, and in 2012 and 2013 as music composer.

Catherine Palmier

Racine du Mouvement/Catherine Palmier assists individuals to unleash one’s own authentic movement offering guided explorations to refine one’s dance using grounded organic movement , effortless power and fluid grace.

With over 10 years of professional dance experience, academic training, and knowledge of multiple styles of dance, Catherine skillfully and with a keen movement sensibility helps dancers discover the origin and understanding of their own personal movement. She draws from performance concepts, emotions, visualizations, memories, body mechanics, sensations and alignment to support a constantly flourishing understanding of dance for her students.

Catherine hopes her students receive insight, playfulness and enthusiasm from her work enabling them to develop their own signature style within their dance.

Because of Catherine’s ability to interpret various dance styles coupled with her proficiency in revealing the unlimited nature of African dance, this makes her appealing to dancers of any genre or experience level.

Dan Nash

Dan’s music harks back to the roots of early rent party/juke playing. Dan’s performances encompass the whole acoustic blues genre from the rough-edge bottleneck blues of the Mississippi Delta to the intricate finger-picking styles of Texas and the Carolinas. He focuses on rare and standard blues classics by bluesmen such as Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, T-Bone Walker and Lightnin’ Hopkins.
Dan has performed extensively in the USA, both with contemporary blues players and as a solo act. He gravitated towards the deep South in early 2007 whilst making a documentary on the history of blues and has since spent 16 weeks playing around the Mississippi Delta and surrounding areas. During his travels, he met and interviewed blues legends David ‘Honeyboy’ Edwards, Henry Gray and Hubert Sumlin as well as members of both Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters’ family.
Recently, Dan has developed a strong following among blues dancers seeking to re-create the juke-joint style experience of the 1920s-1950s. He plays regularly for blues dancers in London.

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